BIngbing Yuan by Fearless Zi

Happy shooting

It has been a while since I picked up the camera to take pictures, and today is a pleasant day. I don’t pursue anything like the film rate, as long as I have one picture, it’s worth the effort. Besides, it’s not like I just have one picture.

A good model performance means that the model has imagination, knows what he looks like in the picture, which requires a lot of picture reading and self-appreciation. Otherwise…

“Just pose casually,
Move around,
That’s it!”

Otherwise, it would only be like this.

Of course, photographer is not about how awesome his pictures are. Taking pictures is just a snap, as long as basic styling is done, and then Fuji filters, lens blurring, PP dots, curves, etc. are added later.

A good photographer can make the unfamiliar shooting object quickly enter the state of self-appreciation. What “camera took? What are the parameters? Where did you learn photography?”… These are all very stupid points of attention. Good mood, taking pictures with mobile phones will be very good.

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