In the age of AI, who will be replaced, and who shall remain?

Jokes aside, the deteriorating economic environment has already caused many people to lose their jobs, and the advent of intelligent commerce will lead to even more people being replaced by AI. Who will be replaced by the new commercial revolution brought by AI? And who will stay to continue working?

May be replaced: Methodology believers, executors.
Irreplaceable: Methodology creators and inductors.

In the era relying on human labor, methodology can standardize the execution of various industries. However, in the AI business era, all predictable patterns can be induced by mathematics and executed by programs.

May be replaced: People who rely on low-level information difference to make a living.
Irreplaceable: Experts who master deep professional information.

Many businesses and positions are built on a low-level information difference, and they will gradually disappear. However, people who have in-depth mastery of professional information in certain high-demand fields will not be replaced in the short term.

May be replaced: People with poor work initiative.
Irreplaceable: People with strong work initiative.

When you cannot actively discover and complete work, it means that most of your work can be replaced by machines. Not to mention common professional habits such as poor communication, inability to perceive motivation, and using explanations to shift responsibility when problems arise. Business society is very realistic. In the past, when you were a big trouble, your pros and cons were considered whether to replace you, but today and in the future, as long as you make people annoyed in your work, you will be replaced.

May be replaced: People who cannot objectively view AI business.
Irreplaceable: People who can objectively view AI business.

People who cannot objectively view AI business are digging their own graves. Either they underestimate the trend and are eliminated, or they overestimate and blindly invest. Only by understanding and experiencing it, and then adapting it appropriately, can it be used positively.

May be replaced: People with weak cultural perception and application ability.
Irreplaceable: People with cultural perception and practical ability.

Culture is not just understood as academic qualifications and cultural employment. There are many discussions on the definition of culture in the East and the West. To summarize, the basic first-level overview is “wide-ranging knowledge and the ability to use it practically.” This is what AI can do, and it can do it better than humans as long as it does it more often, but it requires human input and supervision. Another meaning is “the inner spirit and accomplishment,” which is an ability that AI cannot possess.

As the AI business era continues to unfold, it is clear that some jobs will be lost, while new opportunities will arise. While it can be unsettling to see traditional roles disappear, it is important to focus on the opportunities that arise from the changing landscape. Those who adapt and embrace change will be the ones who thrive in this new ecosystem. As we continue on this journey, let us strive to develop the skills and abilities that will help us succeed in the AI-powered future. By doing so, we can continue making important contributions to society, and help shape a better future for all.

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