AK S1 – Masturbation sleeves

I have noticed that many of my acquaintances are selling their own vagin moulded toys, which have received a lot of positive feedback on social networks. However, upon closer inspection, I have realized that the internal folds and textures do not match their features. Upon reflection, I realize that this is a part of the ecosystem, which is actually quite cool.

Speaking of male sex toys, back in 2012, I recommended a DIY method for making a masturbation sleeve. Since then, I’ve tried a few others, but haven’t had many chances to use them, so my experiences and impressions haven’t been very deep.

Over the past three years, as people’s commuting frequency decreased and even became banned in some cases, a problem arose: what are guys supposed to do? That’s where I have to thank sex toys (日用小家电), because I got myself an AK S1 electric masturbation sleeve, which looks like a hairdryer and is different from the handheld straight tubes I had before because it has an additional handle.

Honestly, when it comes to male sex toys, manual versions are really only good for emergency situations, in my opinion. I just can’t fully enjoy them. And while electric versions are a bit more interesting, they’re still a bit awkward to hold by the straight tube most of the time, so I end up relying on clamping it between my thighs to free up my hands, but it’s still a bit uncomfortable.

So, will adding a handle like the one that the AK S1 has solve this problem? Unfortunately, if you’re still holding it by hand, it doesn’t really make it feel any easier or more convenient. As users, our first instinct is, of course, to use it as a handheld device, but this method is still a bit awkward.

As a lazy user, I can’t settle for anything less than optimal. So, I changed my approach and used two fingers to grip the handle, letting my wrist and arm completely relax before turning on the heat and vibration. It feels great.

Only when we achieve a balance between humans and nature can we achieve our design goals. While adding a handle like the AK S1 is a progressive design move that makes it slightly better than holding onto the tube, the contradiction still hasn’t been fully resolved. Having to hold onto the handle isn’t the best solution; a relaxed and casual grip might be a better option.

My favorite mode isn’t just going straight to automatic thrusting; I prefer the pulsation mode, followed by the pulsating thrusting mode, then the mid-frequency vibration mode, alternating between them. Slow thrusts, vibration before thrusting, gradual thrusts, and gradually pulsating thrusts – there’s always a mode that suits you. And of course, the manufacturer offers three different internal canal options.

At first, I used it continuously for many days because my corpus cavernosum is more sensitive than my glans, so I didn’t pay too much attention. But one day, I got a little excited and pushed it in a bit too hard, causing my head to vibrate intensely. I realized that the dual motors’ vibration was much stronger than I had expected, and I only enjoyed a little [bitter] sensation for several days.

What can I say? [Sigh] I’m short. [Bitter] This hit me pretty hard and made me recognize my shortcomings. Gagagaga~

If you are interested in AK S1, click here to buy it here. Believe me, it’s worth having.

Squirting – Female Ejaculation

What Is Female Ejaculation?

Female ejaculation, sometimes referred to as squirting, involves the expulsion of fluids from the urethra during sex. It can be hard to define and is often used interchangeably with other terms such as vaginal lubrication and coital incontinence, however it is surprisingly more common than people may think.

It’s not a mysterious talent, it’s not on par with the ecstatic experience of female characters during an orgasm, it’s simply another form of sexual enjoyment.

Is Female Ejaculation Actually Urine?

A 2014 study found that the liquid resulting from female squirting is a mixture of urine and other components. The sample size was small, however, and the fluid may also contain a milky substance. It is thought to come from different sources than urine.

Practicing is essential for success; I personally prefer the theory of mixed liquids as instruments used to classify and purify liquids will give the same result.

Requires attention, porn videos often feature peeing and should not be used as a model for real life.

What Does Female Ejaculation Come From?

Female ejaculation is a thick, white fluid that resembles diluted milk and is often clear like water. It contains some components of semen and urine, such as prostate-specific antigen and urea, and is emitted from the Skene’s glands near the urethra at the G-spot.

Research suggests that female ejaculate may originate from the bladder and some women find the sensation of it similar to urinating. Further evidence has shown that, in most cases, female ejaculation consists of a mix of fluids.

Can All Women Ejaculate?

Studies show that between 10-50% of women experience involuntary ejaculation, as reported by the International Society for Sexual Medicine.

If you haven’t experienced female ejaculation, don’t worry! Everyone’s experiences with joy and happiness are different, so it doesn’t mean that you’re unlucky. The theory of physicality isn’t always accurate.

The ability to experience vaginal ejaculation is determined by many factors, such as type of stimulation, anatomy, and mental state during sex. It is currently impossible to determine if some women are more or less likely to experience it.

G-spot stimulation is often linked to vaginal ejaculation or squirting, and is a good place to begin if someone is curious about exploring this experience.


Female ejaculation, sometimes known as squirting, is a topic that has been gaining attention, but no research has proven that it leads to better sex. Pleasure in the bedroom does not depend on the ability to ejaculate.

Experimenting with different methods of sexual pleasure can be a blast! Seeing female ejaculation can be visually thrilling and give both partners a real sense of satisfaction.

Unlock your maximum pleasure potential and experience all 10 types of female orgasms – learn how today!

Unlock the amazing potential of your body and experience different types of orgasms! Diverse strokes and touches can bring you to new heights of pleasure that you never knew existed. Don’t be afraid to explore the range of sensations offered by the different types of orgasms- from those focusing solely on the vagina, to those that make you feel intense, earth-shattering intensity throughout your body. Spice up your life and let yourself soar.

People with a vagina can experience various types of orgasms that may feel different in terms of intensity and length. Achieving an orgasm is a natural and achievable reflex that can be reached with sexual arousal and a series of rhythmic contractions. Unlock the pleasure you deserve and experience the incredible feeling of an orgasm today.

Orgasms can provide more than just physical pleasure; they can also have an emotional effect. As you reach the climax of your orgasm, your body releases oxytocin and other hormones that make you feel good and help create an emotional bond with your partner. Don’t miss out on this amazing experience.

Looking for exciting new paths to pleasure? Discover all the amazing ways you can experience orgasm!

Clitoral Orgasm

01.Clitoral Orgasm

The clitoris is a very sensitive part of the female anatomy, composed of millions of nerve endings. It is located on the exterior of the vulva and extends internally. Stimulating the clitoris increases blood flow, leading to an orgasm.

A 2018 study found that stroking the clitoris back and forth or in circles can lead to an orgasm, while oral sex can also be used to achieve a clitoral orgasm.

If one is struggling with climaxing, they may want to consider using sex toys designed specifically for clitoral orgasms.

G-Spot Orgasm

02.G-Spot Orgasm

The G-spot is generally accepted to be located in the front wall of the vagina, halfway between the vaginal opening and cervix. It may be part of the clitoris’ nerve endings or a separate sex organ.

To find it, insert a finger and press forward. Stimulating it with fingers, a penis, or sex toy can lead to a G-spot orgasm which may feel more intense than other types.

Vaginal Orgasm

03.Vaginal Orgasm

Vaginal orgasms can be achieved through stimulating certain erogenous zones of the vagina, such as the A-spot and cervix. However, not everyone is able to achieve a vaginal orgasm – only 18.4% of women in a 2018 study said they could climax from vaginal sex alone.

To increase pleasure during vaginal penetration, try different positions to hit the right areas, and angle the hips for shallow penetration.

Anal Orgasm

04.Anal Orgasm

Anal sex or anal play can indirectly stimulate erogenous regions near the vagina and clitoris and can lead to an orgasm.

To experience an anal orgasm, use lots of lube and stimulate the anus with fingers or a toy, entering slowly. Communication is key to finding the right rhythm and sensations for hitting an orgasm.

Nipple Orgasm

05.Nipple Orgasm

Breasts and nipples are erogenous zones and can be stimulated to give pleasure and even an orgasm. Nipples especially have many nerve endings that are sensitive to touch. It is not clear why nipple orgasms happen, but research suggests that they activate the same part of the brain as genital stimulation.

To experience a nipple orgasm, one should try sucking, licking, or caressing the nipples in a circular motion to increase blood flow. It may take practice, but it is possible to achieve a nipple orgasm alone or with a partner.

Blended Orgasm

06.Blended Orgasm

A blended orgasm is when more than one erogenous zone is stimulated at the same time, resulting in a bigger climax.

To achieve this with a partner, the “woman on top” position can be used to free up both hands to touch different areas. Alternatively, a vibrator could be used during penetration.

Multiple Orgasms

07.Multiple Orgasms

People with vaginas are able to experience multiple orgasms easier than those with penises due to less downtime needed between orgasm and arousal.

To reach multiple orgasms, Paoge suggests contracting the pelvic muscles, which keeps blood flow high and increases sensitivity making a second orgasm easier to achieve.

Squirting Orgasm

08.Squirting Orgasm

During an orgasm, some people can experience a release of clear fluid called squirting or female ejaculation. According to a study, 10-54% of women have experienced a gushing moment during orgasm.

When sexually aroused, some women may experience a fluid expulsion from their glands around the urethra or anterior surface of the vagina during or before orgasm. This is known as “squirting” and can be caused by G-spot stimulation, caressing, and teasing the area surrounding the urethra. The exact source of the fluid is still being debated.

Exercise Orgasm

09.Exercise Orgasm

Studies have found that many women experience orgasms or sexual pleasure while exercising, usually from core-based exercises. These workout-induced orgasms are possible due to strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles.

To achieve an orgasm, clitoral and/or vaginal stimulation is usually necessary. It is possible to avoid an orgasm while exercising in public by avoiding additional stimulation.

Sleep Orgasm

10.Sleep Orgasm

People with vaginas can experience orgasms during sleep, which may be caused by erotic dreams and increased blood flow to the genitals. A study from the 1950s reported that 37% of female participants had experienced a sleep orgasm by the time they were 45. However, current research on sleep orgasms is limited.

Take a moment to review now!

Take control of your own pleasure and explore different positions and stimulating other body parts (like the anus, A-spot, or G-spot).

Everyone’s individualistic needs are different, but taking the time to experiment may reward you with new and exciting orgasms that will lead you to orgasmic bliss. If you have a vagina, a clitoral orgasm is often the most attainable – so why not take the opportunity to maximize your pleasure?

Sex Addict Self-Check

Is sex taking over your life? Having a high libido is beneficial, but when it crosses over into an obsession, it can really start to negatively affect your relationships. Fortunately, there are concrete red flags to watch out for to tell if you’re a sex addict.

You can self-check against the following 10 typical features of sex addict.

1.You masturbate excessively.

Compulsively jerking off could be a sign of sex addiction. On its own, masturbating is totally normal, but if you’re doing it multiple times a day or right after you’ve had sex, that’s a warning sign.
You might also masturbate at inappropriate times, like when you’re with friends or in public.

2.You have a large stash of pornography.

Having a massive stash of porn could indicate you’re thinking about sex often. It’s totally fine to watch porn sometimes, but if you notice you have hours saved up on your phone or computer, that’s a sign you’re preoccupied with sex.
Using pornography to masturbate more often than usual could mean you’re addicted to sex.

  • Pornography doesn’t have to be images or videos, it could also be erotic fiction.
  • Keep in mind that watching pornography is completely normal behavior, as long as it’s done in moderation.
  • Talk to your partner to make sure you both are on the same page when it comes to pornography and your relationship.

3.You cheat on your partners.

Sex addicts often seek out more than one partner. This is because they feel like they aren’t getting their needs met inside of the relationship, so they go elsewhere. Unfortunately, sex addicts also don’t care if their actions hurt others—they are only focused on getting their next fix.

  • If you’re a sex addict, you might also notice that you have no history of long-term relationships, probably because you find it so hard to remain faithful.

4.You neglect other responsibilities for sex.

You might find yourself ditching work or your friends to stay home and masturbate. Or, you might be putting off school work so that you can satisfy your sexual urges. If there are things in your life that are falling by the wayside, that’s a sure sign that sex is taking over your life.

  • If you’re in a sexual relationship, you might try to urge your partner to put off their responsibilities to have sex with you.

5.You can’t stop thinking or talking about sex.

You might bring up sex at inappropriate times. Or, you might talk to your partner about sex even when they’ve said they aren’t in the mood. Talking about sex often might mean that you can’t stop thinking about it, and you want to get it off your chest so that your thoughts stop bottling up.

  • You might even bring up sex in front of others, like your friends or family.

6.You promise to stop your behavior, but never can.

Sex addicts often go through a cycle of addiction. You might realize that your preoccupation with sex is harming you, so you promise to yourself (and to your partner) that you’ll change. This might work for a little while, but eventually, you will most likely fall back into your obsessive ways.

  • Maybe your partner has talked to you about how often the two of you have sex, and they’ve expressed that your constant need for it makes them uncomfortable. You might be able to hold off for a few weeks (or days), but then you fall right back into pressuring them or coming onto them.

7.You constantly want to try new things in the bedroom.

You may be using kinks to satisfy your sexual urges. There’s nothing wrong with trying new things in the bedroom, but your partner might notice that you constantly bring a new idea or fantasy up to try out with them. If you can’t be satisfied with your sex life, it most likely means that you have an addiction.

  • You might constantly try to bring rougher elements into sex as well.

8.You feel guilty or remorseful after having sex.

Feelings of shame often indicate an unhealthy relationship with sex. There’s nothing wrong with having sex, as long as both parties are consenting adults. However, your partner might notice that although you love talking about sex and having it, you get moody or sullen afterward.

  • These feelings usually stem from being repressed or shamed for sexuality earlier in life. Try to seek help from a mental health professional to work through your emotions if you can.

9.You use sex to cope with negative emotions.

Sex addicts often need sex to feel better. If you notice that every time you’re stressed or have a bad day you “need” to have sex, that’s a red flag. Sex is a great stress-reliever for some people, but sex addicts use it as a way to cope, which only leads to problems in the long run.

  • Using sex as a coping mechanism pushes down the negative emotions instead of working through them.

10.You engage in risky sexual behavior.

People addicted to sex will put themselves and others at risk. You might meet up with strangers for sex or have sex with someone without protection. Sex addicts have trouble thinking rationally about sex, and they don’t care if they are doing dangerous things to feel good.

  • If you’ve engaged in risky sexual behavior, make an appointment to get tested for STDs.

The concept of sex addiction is not recognized as a mental disorder by the psychiatric community and it can lead to stigmatization and shame for individuals who struggle with compulsive sexual behaviors. It’s important to approach any concerns about a partner’s sexual behavior with empathy and understanding and to encourage them to seek professional help from a licensed therapist if they are struggling with their sexual health.

Misunderstandings about sex toys

Many people have misunderstandings about fetish toys, which are not dispelled over time. Let’s have a quick chat about it.

Why do I need to use sex toys if I have strong sexual function?

It’s ignorant to think that using adult toys implies weak sexual performance. Humans evolved to be human because of their ability to produce and use tools. Adult toys level the differences between sexual partners and bridge the gaps between people (for a variety of reasons).

For the culturally illiterate like you, I think I should use a diagram.

Generally, the arousal and duration curve of men and women.

The intervention of adult toys can make people keep “in step” as much as possible.

Since using sex toys, I feel more and more difficult to be satisfied by the other party.

In addition to giving us a thrill, the real value and role of adult toys is self-discovery.

Enough people don’t know how to express their preferences and requirements to their partners, which may be due to shame, and when they overcome this shame, they can’t accurately describe their needs and preferences. When you rely solely on an emotionless machine to satisfy yourself and end it without reflection, no one can satisfy you.

So, use adult toys to explore yourself, remember which pleasant feelings, overcome shame, and tell the other half your preferences and needs.

I still prefer to have sexual relationships with real people.

Damn, I agree with you on this one, but I don’t reject the use of adult toys when I’m with a sexual partner, because there are people, so there are toys. Relax, no one is forcing you to choose between adult toys and real people, and no one will force you to use toys.

How should I choose sex toys?

Like all consumer products, we need to understand brand qualifications, product quality, and user reviews. Of course, many commercial content is hype, and you need to be careful.

Easy girls prefer sex toys?

Only losers think so. You need to address sexual repression(闹屄荒), not sex toys.

The dream of penis

The dream of penis is bigger, longer, and stronger. Based on this series of demands, a huge vertical consumer market is born. In short, I hope you can listen to it.

Personally, I don’t want to tell you this, one less competitor for you to play off, right? On the public side, it is already too big, our country is gradually entering an aging society… Blah blah blah, reproductive health is guaranteed, and reproduction can be guaranteed. Okay, if someone around you is obsessed, forward @ to him. What I said is all common sense, not something profound, everyone can understand.

There is no possibility to make it bigger

All the information sold to you of this type of product is a deception, the main product types are drugs, liquid agents, and instruments. There should also be people on the market who do so-called high-tech products, saying some words or words that you feel very high-tech, all are cheaters, don’t be fooled. Especially for instrument type, it will cause damage.

It is possible for longer

Ignoring inferior products, there are some low-cost and very expensive products on the market that are effective, mainly in the form of sprays, and some ointments. The principle of anesthesia, reducing sensitivity, correspondingly losing the corresponding pleasure, long-term use will cause physical and mental dependence, and cannot solve the root problem. The effect of these expensive products has a low-cost method to achieve in life, and will not lose pleasure and will not cause dependence.

Similarly, there are also instruments for this type of functional product, the most common is the cock ring, which physically tightens to prevent backflow to maintain hardness and delay, which seriously harms reproductive health.

Stronger requires self-discipline and perseverance

It has been verified that diet habits have an effect on people’s physical condition, whether it is worse or better, which is a long process, not a one-time success. It should be particularly pointed out that wild animal products cannot make people stronger, organs of animals cannot be used to replace damaged parts, and precious medicinal materials of rare plants can not be used either.

We just need to keep regular habits of working and rest, eat properly (according to person, time and place), and do moderate exercise to ensure physical health or body strength, which is actually very difficult for most people, for example, my own life is not so regular. We can also infer from this that why do you think a few pills or some products can help you solve the problems caused by your unhealthy lifestyle for a long time? What is the difference between this and the “elixir” in the alchemy furnace? Go and refine it yourself! Isn’t it better?

In most cases, the problem of penis not getting bigger does not lie with the penis itself, but with other problems in the body. For generally healthy adult men, it is usually poor blood health (not life-threatening or serious illness) that affects the performance of the penis.

Go to the hospital for erectile dysfunction

If you really have difficulty getting an erection, going to the hospital is the only way out. For well-known reasons, we need to understand something about the operation mechanism of hospitals, many hospitals’ urology departments are contracted out, or even the entire hospital. Learn some basic drug knowledge, know what drugs are used to play what role, at least you must know what medicine you are taking, after all, there are individual medical practitioners’ professional ethics that are worrying, all of which need to learn some relevant knowledge to avoid pits. Finally, follow the doctor’s advice in a proper hospital, and actively cooperate with the treatment.