The Power of Cultural Works: Impact on Web3

In recent times, we have witnessed several instances where cultural works and their creators have had a significant impact on industries.

This reminds me of of the most notable cases is Dave Carroll’s protest song “United Breaks Guitars,” which caused United Airlines’ market value to drop by $180 million in 2008.

Similarly, in 2022, TikTok influencer Salem Ilese’s song “Crypto Boy” caused a widespread crash in the cryptocurrency market. More recently, at ETH Denver 2023, performers used music and satire to criticize certain phenomena in the cryptocurrency market, which once again led to a crash.

These events demonstrate the power that cultural works and their creators can have on industries. Carroll’s song, Ilese’s song, and the performances at ETH Denver all reached a massive audience through various means of cultural dissemination, such as social media and live events.

It is important to acknowledge that cultural works have far-reaching effects on industries, both positive and negative. While some may argue that they only bring about negative consequences, we cannot overlook the significant progress and advancements that have been made in fields such as literature, art, and technology thanks to cultural works.

In fact, visionary authors like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells have inspired countless scientific breakthroughs that have shaped our world today. So let us not discount the immense power of cultural works to bring about positive change and progress in various industries.

Join us in taking action against fraudulent activities in industries such as cryptocurrency. These unscrupulous acts can cause harm to innocent investors and negatively impact the entire industry. Let us harness the power of artists to hold those involved in fraud accountable and drive positive change. Together, we can recognize the immense influence of cultural creators and use it to propel progress forward.