The dream of penis

The dream of penis is bigger, longer, and stronger. Based on this series of demands, a huge vertical consumer market is born. In short, I hope you can listen to it.

Personally, I don’t want to tell you this, one less competitor for you to play off, right? On the public side, it is already too big, our country is gradually entering an aging society… Blah blah blah, reproductive health is guaranteed, and reproduction can be guaranteed. Okay, if someone around you is obsessed, forward @ to him. What I said is all common sense, not something profound, everyone can understand.

There is no possibility to make it bigger

All the information sold to you of this type of product is a deception, the main product types are drugs, liquid agents, and instruments. There should also be people on the market who do so-called high-tech products, saying some words or words that you feel very high-tech, all are cheaters, don’t be fooled. Especially for instrument type, it will cause damage.

It is possible for longer

Ignoring inferior products, there are some low-cost and very expensive products on the market that are effective, mainly in the form of sprays, and some ointments. The principle of anesthesia, reducing sensitivity, correspondingly losing the corresponding pleasure, long-term use will cause physical and mental dependence, and cannot solve the root problem. The effect of these expensive products has a low-cost method to achieve in life, and will not lose pleasure and will not cause dependence.

Similarly, there are also instruments for this type of functional product, the most common is the cock ring, which physically tightens to prevent backflow to maintain hardness and delay, which seriously harms reproductive health.

Stronger requires self-discipline and perseverance

It has been verified that diet habits have an effect on people’s physical condition, whether it is worse or better, which is a long process, not a one-time success. It should be particularly pointed out that wild animal products cannot make people stronger, organs of animals cannot be used to replace damaged parts, and precious medicinal materials of rare plants can not be used either.

We just need to keep regular habits of working and rest, eat properly (according to person, time and place), and do moderate exercise to ensure physical health or body strength, which is actually very difficult for most people, for example, my own life is not so regular. We can also infer from this that why do you think a few pills or some products can help you solve the problems caused by your unhealthy lifestyle for a long time? What is the difference between this and the “elixir” in the alchemy furnace? Go and refine it yourself! Isn’t it better?

In most cases, the problem of penis not getting bigger does not lie with the penis itself, but with other problems in the body. For generally healthy adult men, it is usually poor blood health (not life-threatening or serious illness) that affects the performance of the penis.

Go to the hospital for erectile dysfunction

If you really have difficulty getting an erection, going to the hospital is the only way out. For well-known reasons, we need to understand something about the operation mechanism of hospitals, many hospitals’ urology departments are contracted out, or even the entire hospital. Learn some basic drug knowledge, know what drugs are used to play what role, at least you must know what medicine you are taking, after all, there are individual medical practitioners’ professional ethics that are worrying, all of which need to learn some relevant knowledge to avoid pits. Finally, follow the doctor’s advice in a proper hospital, and actively cooperate with the treatment.