AK S1 – Masturbation sleeves

I have noticed that many of my acquaintances are selling their own vagin moulded toys, which have received a lot of positive feedback on social networks. However, upon closer inspection, I have realized that the internal folds and textures do not match their features. Upon reflection, I realize that this is a part of the ecosystem, which is actually quite cool.

Speaking of male sex toys, back in 2012, I recommended a DIY method for making a masturbation sleeve. Since then, I’ve tried a few others, but haven’t had many chances to use them, so my experiences and impressions haven’t been very deep.

Over the past three years, as people’s commuting frequency decreased and even became banned in some cases, a problem arose: what are guys supposed to do? That’s where I have to thank sex toys (日用小家电), because I got myself an AK S1 electric masturbation sleeve, which looks like a hairdryer and is different from the handheld straight tubes I had before because it has an additional handle.

Honestly, when it comes to male sex toys, manual versions are really only good for emergency situations, in my opinion. I just can’t fully enjoy them. And while electric versions are a bit more interesting, they’re still a bit awkward to hold by the straight tube most of the time, so I end up relying on clamping it between my thighs to free up my hands, but it’s still a bit uncomfortable.

So, will adding a handle like the one that the AK S1 has solve this problem? Unfortunately, if you’re still holding it by hand, it doesn’t really make it feel any easier or more convenient. As users, our first instinct is, of course, to use it as a handheld device, but this method is still a bit awkward.

As a lazy user, I can’t settle for anything less than optimal. So, I changed my approach and used two fingers to grip the handle, letting my wrist and arm completely relax before turning on the heat and vibration. It feels great.

Only when we achieve a balance between humans and nature can we achieve our design goals. While adding a handle like the AK S1 is a progressive design move that makes it slightly better than holding onto the tube, the contradiction still hasn’t been fully resolved. Having to hold onto the handle isn’t the best solution; a relaxed and casual grip might be a better option.

My favorite mode isn’t just going straight to automatic thrusting; I prefer the pulsation mode, followed by the pulsating thrusting mode, then the mid-frequency vibration mode, alternating between them. Slow thrusts, vibration before thrusting, gradual thrusts, and gradually pulsating thrusts – there’s always a mode that suits you. And of course, the manufacturer offers three different internal canal options.

At first, I used it continuously for many days because my corpus cavernosum is more sensitive than my glans, so I didn’t pay too much attention. But one day, I got a little excited and pushed it in a bit too hard, causing my head to vibrate intensely. I realized that the dual motors’ vibration was much stronger than I had expected, and I only enjoyed a little [bitter] sensation for several days.

What can I say? [Sigh] I’m short. [Bitter] This hit me pretty hard and made me recognize my shortcomings. Gagagaga~

If you are interested in AK S1, click here to buy it here. Believe me, it’s worth having.

Misunderstandings about sex toys

Many people have misunderstandings about fetish toys, which are not dispelled over time. Let’s have a quick chat about it.

Why do I need to use sex toys if I have strong sexual function?

It’s ignorant to think that using adult toys implies weak sexual performance. Humans evolved to be human because of their ability to produce and use tools. Adult toys level the differences between sexual partners and bridge the gaps between people (for a variety of reasons).

For the culturally illiterate like you, I think I should use a diagram.

Generally, the arousal and duration curve of men and women.

The intervention of adult toys can make people keep “in step” as much as possible.

Since using sex toys, I feel more and more difficult to be satisfied by the other party.

In addition to giving us a thrill, the real value and role of adult toys is self-discovery.

Enough people don’t know how to express their preferences and requirements to their partners, which may be due to shame, and when they overcome this shame, they can’t accurately describe their needs and preferences. When you rely solely on an emotionless machine to satisfy yourself and end it without reflection, no one can satisfy you.

So, use adult toys to explore yourself, remember which pleasant feelings, overcome shame, and tell the other half your preferences and needs.

I still prefer to have sexual relationships with real people.

Damn, I agree with you on this one, but I don’t reject the use of adult toys when I’m with a sexual partner, because there are people, so there are toys. Relax, no one is forcing you to choose between adult toys and real people, and no one will force you to use toys.

How should I choose sex toys?

Like all consumer products, we need to understand brand qualifications, product quality, and user reviews. Of course, many commercial content is hype, and you need to be careful.

Easy girls prefer sex toys?

Only losers think so. You need to address sexual repression(闹屄荒), not sex toys.