Squirting – Female Ejaculation

What Is Female Ejaculation?

Female ejaculation, sometimes referred to as squirting, involves the expulsion of fluids from the urethra during sex. It can be hard to define and is often used interchangeably with other terms such as vaginal lubrication and coital incontinence, however it is surprisingly more common than people may think.

It’s not a mysterious talent, it’s not on par with the ecstatic experience of female characters during an orgasm, it’s simply another form of sexual enjoyment.

Is Female Ejaculation Actually Urine?

A 2014 study found that the liquid resulting from female squirting is a mixture of urine and other components. The sample size was small, however, and the fluid may also contain a milky substance. It is thought to come from different sources than urine.

Practicing is essential for success; I personally prefer the theory of mixed liquids as instruments used to classify and purify liquids will give the same result.

Requires attention, porn videos often feature peeing and should not be used as a model for real life.

What Does Female Ejaculation Come From?

Female ejaculation is a thick, white fluid that resembles diluted milk and is often clear like water. It contains some components of semen and urine, such as prostate-specific antigen and urea, and is emitted from the Skene’s glands near the urethra at the G-spot.

Research suggests that female ejaculate may originate from the bladder and some women find the sensation of it similar to urinating. Further evidence has shown that, in most cases, female ejaculation consists of a mix of fluids.

Can All Women Ejaculate?

Studies show that between 10-50% of women experience involuntary ejaculation, as reported by the International Society for Sexual Medicine.

If you haven’t experienced female ejaculation, don’t worry! Everyone’s experiences with joy and happiness are different, so it doesn’t mean that you’re unlucky. The theory of physicality isn’t always accurate.

The ability to experience vaginal ejaculation is determined by many factors, such as type of stimulation, anatomy, and mental state during sex. It is currently impossible to determine if some women are more or less likely to experience it.

G-spot stimulation is often linked to vaginal ejaculation or squirting, and is a good place to begin if someone is curious about exploring this experience.


Female ejaculation, sometimes known as squirting, is a topic that has been gaining attention, but no research has proven that it leads to better sex. Pleasure in the bedroom does not depend on the ability to ejaculate.

Experimenting with different methods of sexual pleasure can be a blast! Seeing female ejaculation can be visually thrilling and give both partners a real sense of satisfaction.

Misunderstandings about sex toys

Many people have misunderstandings about fetish toys, which are not dispelled over time. Let’s have a quick chat about it.

Why do I need to use sex toys if I have strong sexual function?

It’s ignorant to think that using adult toys implies weak sexual performance. Humans evolved to be human because of their ability to produce and use tools. Adult toys level the differences between sexual partners and bridge the gaps between people (for a variety of reasons).

For the culturally illiterate like you, I think I should use a diagram.

Generally, the arousal and duration curve of men and women.

The intervention of adult toys can make people keep “in step” as much as possible.

Since using sex toys, I feel more and more difficult to be satisfied by the other party.

In addition to giving us a thrill, the real value and role of adult toys is self-discovery.

Enough people don’t know how to express their preferences and requirements to their partners, which may be due to shame, and when they overcome this shame, they can’t accurately describe their needs and preferences. When you rely solely on an emotionless machine to satisfy yourself and end it without reflection, no one can satisfy you.

So, use adult toys to explore yourself, remember which pleasant feelings, overcome shame, and tell the other half your preferences and needs.

I still prefer to have sexual relationships with real people.

Damn, I agree with you on this one, but I don’t reject the use of adult toys when I’m with a sexual partner, because there are people, so there are toys. Relax, no one is forcing you to choose between adult toys and real people, and no one will force you to use toys.

How should I choose sex toys?

Like all consumer products, we need to understand brand qualifications, product quality, and user reviews. Of course, many commercial content is hype, and you need to be careful.

Easy girls prefer sex toys?

Only losers think so. You need to address sexual repression(闹屄荒), not sex toys.