Ambition and bait

The term “ambition” has been frequently used, especially in the business field, to test the strength of a founder’s ambition. However, many facts have shown that unrealistic goals and imagination pursued by the masses are often bait that leads to irreversible harm.

Even worse, this harm can be cyclical, and people cannot learn the right lessons from their mistakes. Instead, they will only think “they are too bad” or “I am too unlucky,” and will make the same mistake again. This is what? Homogeneous error? Gagagaga ~

There is no boundary between business and life (or another way to say it is the boundary is blurry). When you see those business elites with excellent material conditions in life, such as the most popular luxury cars, watches, and luxury goods, would you admire them? Of course, you would. However, this admiration is highly illogical, and it will not allow you to possess the same material possessions.

In Web3, many people are focused on smart wallets, but they are not interested in the on-chain dynamics of the wallet (which is actually the most important part to learn). They are only interested in the person behind the wallet, as if knowing them would bring honor and profit. People know about this habitual tendency of others, and when someone needs something, they adopt a “real name” strategy to gain trust. But what happens after gaining trust? I don’t want to judge others by my own standards, but many of you have experienced events that you can learn from.

Even before the arrival of Web3, the atmosphere in the entire social scene was already very bad because scammers knew about the common people’s “intentions.” That’s why there are those seemingly high-quality packaging and digital personas, which are taking advantage of your vulgar “intentions.”

The most common are the “rich second generation” and “official second generation” in social (dating) scenes. These terms have been mentioned many times in casual conversations, and when I hear someone using these terms as defining labels, I feel very uncomfortable. This discomfort is a vague worry, which is essentially a bit redundant, because I am worrying about the fate of the speaker. In most cases, related cases end up with being fooled, and I have encountered many of these cases in the past. I tried to discourage them, but in the end, the person who told the truth was seen as the bad person.

As mentioned earlier, many people are unable to learn from their mistakes, and they only blame others for their own errors. This is how the human psychological defense mechanism works, and it’s no wonder that we become the “bad guys” when we try to help others.

We must understand that other people’s wealth and material possessions have nothing to do with us. Healthy interactions between people are based on their own qualities, not material possessions. Our own material development requires us to work hard step by step. Those stories of success can only be considered as stories to listen to.

For many people, striving is a necessity, but avoiding becoming a laughingstock should be your urgent task now, after all, not everyone is as honest and kind as Paoge, Gaga~