Reading and Reviewing “Zeoo to One”

“Zero to One” is not a book worth reading. This book was hyped up four or five years ago and I never read it. But this morning, I got up and started to read it.

The beginning already revealed that this is a book born out of a process of seeking psychological satisfaction, a rambling airplane book. The translation is poor, and according to my rough feeling, up to 20% of the key contents are expressed incorrectly. Professor Gao Yufang was not able to understand the content described in the original text.

If entrepreneurs really believe this book, they will surely die. Just like reading “Steve Jobs Biography”, they will easily get the same disease as Steve Jobs! After reading one third of it, I couldn’t help but post a criticism record.

In the process, I pointed out the translation errors. Without referring to the original text, I can tell which parts are translated incorrectly. To be honest, even if the translation errors are few, it is still not worth reading. It can be read when you are bored on a flight.

It is accurately positioned as an airplane book.

On one level, it can be read to pass time during travel. If you are willing to spend the time. It is like station literature on another level, but the interesting degree and gossip pleasure are not as strong as station literature.

On the other hand, it is very interesting. It can comfort some elites. After reading it, these elites will feel that “I am right, I am correct, it is said so well, it coincides, I am deeply inspired, praise! Cool!” This is jerk off.

If we really have to say that it is a waste of time, what kind of enlightenment do we get? That is the content outside the book, as follows:

Blake Masters, from Tucson, tied his career closely to Peter Thiel through a learning note. His writing is not flattering, but his entry strategy is obviously better than his mentor.